RIP my old t1.micro, moved to irccloud and github pages

May 30, 2016   #github  #hugo  #irssi  #pelican  #route53  #wercker 

I recently decided to tidy up some of my sprawling mess of 1’s and 0’s, the main culprit being a 3 year old ec2 t1.micro running

It needed to go as I wasn’t managing it in an automated fashion (tsk), wasn’t backing it up beyond the occasional snapshot (tsk) and it was costing approx £7-15 per month which I felt could be reduced. (Yes I was using an on-demand instance, another tsk)

With a bit of google foo, and some trial and error, I’ve settled on the following

  •, for a reasonable price it gives me history and web+device access.
  • hugo, I’m curious about golang, and my previous blog was a bit of a hack job in terms of theme, content and git management so I wanted to start again.
  • github pages, for running my blog, it’s free and is easy to setup/use

One of the main reasons I flipped to hugo was I read the tutorial Automated deployments with Wercker and being interested in CI/CD, wanted to give it a try. So Wercker has been added to the mix.

My costs have been reduced to approx £3 per month (for irccloud), I’ve got CI and CD by using Wercker, and my blog has been redone in a nice tidy way that hopefully I can remember how to manage. Overall a success.